Welcome to telemental health, a beneficial component of remote therapy


TeleMental Health (TMH) Therapy is provided when a client is seen via videoconferencing by a licensed therapist, certified in TMH. It can also consist of only phone conversations when video conferencing is not available.  During this time of social distancing due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), TMH is now considered the best method to deliver you a safe, convenient, and comfortable way of receiving hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, in the comfort of your own home. As Clinical and Licensed Clinical Therapists we are certified in TMH.  The video platform we use is confidential, and HIPAA compliant.     

Expands Access and Saves Time:

TMH places services within reach of clients wherever they are located. As clinical therapists now serving clients over long distances, videoconferencing can involve just a few seconds it takes to walk to one’s computer.  This innovative counseling model eliminates a client’s need for transportation, and any travel-related costs.  TMH also can make it easier for our clients to work appointments into their schedules.

Shortens Delays:

TMH removes many of the barriers that lead to long waits to see your therapist. A client in North Georgia no longer has to choose from a short list of clinical therapists. She/he may choose to work remotely with a clinical therapist many miles away. In addition to expanded options statewide, provider lists will grow as more states loosen geographic restrictions.

Eases Stigma:

For clients concerned about appearing publicly at a clinical therapist’s office, working with clinical therapists from home via teleconferencing, or by phone, can ease anxieties and promote acceptance of treatment.

Gets Results:

Research continues to affirm the efficacy of TMH services, with studies showing that videoconferencing can be as effective as face-to-face sessions. TMH increases provider options and a multitude of convenient technological choices. TMH is a growing and effective alternative for those delivering and receiving clinical services.

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