Individual Sessions and Group Programs Offered

Career Development

Public Speaking

I’ll never forget when I had a problem with public speaking. My teeth chattered, my knees knocked, and I was as red as a beet. Not anymore. I now speak to hundreds of people, and I love it! So can you. If speaking to groups is important to your work, don’t let fear stop you from progressing in your career. Hypnosis can help you deliver your speech with confidence and ease. Once you’ve finished that special presentation, and you hear the applause, you’ll take a deep breath and exhale slowly, smile and feel proud!

Increasing Income

Would you believe that some people have a fear of money, or they feel guilty if they have money? There are numerous reasons why people are stuck at a particular income and/or have made money only to lose it time and time again. Don’t be the person with your pockets or wallet empty. Uncover what’s keeping you from enjoying a more financially prosperous life. Then learn what you can do about it.

Time Management

If you don’t manage your time, you’ll wonder where your time has gone. You’ll also be behind in whatever you wanted to be ahead of. Time management skills get developed at a very young age. Most people were not taught time management and therein lies the problem! Introducing a skill that’s not natural or habitual can lose its momentum. Hypnosis will help you establish a new way of embracing that which once felt foreign. Seeing and experiencing a more productive day/week/month/year through time management not only helps career wise but enhances all areas of your life.


Sometimes motivation is so illusive that you believe you’ll never experience it as often as you wish. Bah humbug! Motivation exists within you right now. You just have to know how to tap it. It’s more a mental thing than anything else. Hypnosis can assist you in getting in touch with your inner resources… motivation, determination, and your desire to succeed. You’re like an underground spring ready to gush forth. All you need now is to prime the pump!