Hypnotherapy Programs: Individual, Group


(Physician referral may be required)

Pre- and Post-Operative Assistance

Surgery can be unsettling. Fears arise, jitters are common, and anxiety may be present. During your hypnotic session, hypnosis and guided imagery along with positive suggestions are given to you prior to surgery. Feelings of calmness and well being are enhanced. Suggestions are also given for a quick, easy, and painless recovery. Oftentimes, physicians comment on how well the patient did in surgery and how fast they’ve healed. Generally a hypnotic CD is designed for the pre and post operative surgery.

Chemotherapy: Alleviation of Side Effects

You hear about so many negative things that may happen to you while receiving chemotherapy. People become very sensitive and suggestible to what they hear, especially when they’re experiencing something traumatic. They build monsters in their heads. You don’t have to. Hypnosis can help alleviate side effects you thought were inevitable. Your first job is to get into a positive frame of mind and recognize that just because certain side effects happened to others, doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen to you. Hypnosis can assist you in knowing a greater and better truth for yourself.

Pain Management

Pain is not only physically debilitating but mentally and emotionally as well. There are numerous effective hypnotic techniques to reduce your pain. Upon your initial visit, reduction of pain via the use of hypnosis is accomplished. During that same session, you will be taught how to decrease your pain through self-hypnosis. Most often, a CD is created at the time of the session. This CD is a guide to help reinforce alleviating and/or eliminating your discomfort.

Dental Anxiety

You haven’t been to the dentist in how long? What’s stopping you? One of the beauties of hypnosis is that it can help you overcome anxiety and/or fears regarding dental work. Besides plaque build up and bad breath, serious problems can arise if you don’t take care of your teeth and gums. Please don’t put off something that’s so important to your health. Isn’t it time your smile was one you could be proud of?